About Me and My Work!


Hello, my name is Cory Hamilton. I’m 28 years old, and was born and raised in Yucca Valley, CA. It’s a small desert town full of open spaces and beautiful starry nights about 30 minutes north of Palm Springs and bordering the Joshua Tree National Park. I’m an artist who has been designing, and building custom furniture for over 10 years. My brother and I have worked for my Father and his business (Hamilton Builders) for 11years now. My Father has been a general contractor for 30 years so we handle all phases of construction, but we specialize in the design and construction of beautiful, artistic, and unique custom homes and businesses.

I’ve learned from a young age the basics of woodworking from my Father, and how to mix all kinds of construction projects with art. I credit my Dads’ brother Bruce who was my High school art teacher for guiding and counseling me on all the different artistic mediums to work with since I was a young boy. The mediums in which I’ve worked and have loved from a young age are: paintings (acrylic and oil), charcoal (drawings), sculpture (clay, wood, concrete) pen/pencil sketching for tattoos, faux painting and custom architectural details and finishes. My love for art, and woodworking has inspired me to create one of a kind custom piece’s of furniture and anything art.

Getting started

If you would like me to create either a piece of furniture, or art for you, our initial meeting can take place at your home where the piece is being designed for by telephone, or email. During this meeting, we will discuss your vision of the piece, as far as look, and functions.  In addition we will talk about desired materials, dimensions, the budget, and the time frame.

The designing of the piece of furniture, is a creative endeavor, which means the process cannot be rushed. There is a required one-time nonrefundable design fee ranging from $100-$300.00. Price depends on the size and intricacy of the piece. This design fee will be absorbed into the entire cost of your project. Within 1-2 weeks I can have a couple sketches for you via email or in person.  Once a design is agreed upon, we will then go over a proposal/contract. In this, you will know what you will be getting, and the cost. At contract signing, there is a deposit requirement of 50% down, with another draw at the half waypoint, and the remaining amount due upon delivery. From there, I will get started. You are more than welcome to call about the progress of your piece, or come to my shop and see your piece. But please call first to set up a time.

Why buy custom furniture?

So are you asking yourself “Why buy custom furniture?”  Why find an artistic woodworker to build that piece you’ve always wanted? Today you can find mass-produced good looking but shamefully built pieces of furniture online, or at IKEA right? The answer is simple: because it’s quality, one of a kind, artistic, and custom to you and your needs. Many of the things I build are multi functional and serve more then one purpose. The piece you picture in your head is the piece you’ll get. You won’t have to settle for something that isn’t what you envisioned. Your money will not be going to an anonymous, foreign place where furniture is built in the thousands, and workers whose lives’ and yours will never intersect. Instead, you will take pleasure in knowing the piece was designed and constructed specifically for you, and the reasoning behind the design. You will know the name of the designer/builder, the shop in which it was constructed, and you will have piece of mind knowing that it’s the ONLY one in the entire world!

Your money is going to support a true artist in a day and age where his craft is clouded by the machine of mass production. When you see your piece completed you will have in front of you something that has had every detail carefully designed and custom built by hand, with excellent joinery and strength. This is when you will know you have gotten your money’s worth, and that you have brought something of quality into the world that can be handed down for generations to come!.

Thank you for your time, and we are looking forward to hearing from you!